Borsetshire Blue is no longer the cheese of choice at Grey Gables

Radio Times: Ian imparts some bad news and Neil is asked an important favour

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  • As Usha checks Blossom Hill Cottage prior to her new tenants moving in, she encounters Emma, who is her usual sullen self, informing Usha (who did not ask) that she has no time to clean the cottage for her, and launching into one of her familiar rants about the way people like her and Ed are unable to afford housing. Usha politely makes her escape good.
  • A bored Henry makes life difficult for Helen, refusing to go and see the pigs with Jack. He wants to play on the computer. Ian rings, inviting Helen to lunch. She quickly accepts- Tony can have the children (as usual.)
  • Usha has called to speak to Freddie in preparation for his Crown Court appearance. Afterwards she talks to Elizabeth, but makes it clear that the outcome is uncertain. It all depends on the judge. Usha has done her best to persuade Freddie to come clean about Ellis, but he refuses. She thinks it will harm his defence. Usha then suggests finding an upstanding member of Ambridge society to write a character reference. It can’t be a relative, so Elizabeth decides to ask Neil.
  • Tired of being cooped up in the office, Neil enjoys his sandwiches in the sunshine, where Emma joins him. They talk about the Parish Council meeting, and Emma is angered to learn that because she has an interest in the Bridge Farm development, she will not be permitted to take part in the discussion.
  • Helen enjoys her lunch with Ian, telling him about Henry’s difficult behaviour. Ian suggests that he is just a normal seven year old. But at least Jack will be at nursery in September, so Helen will have time to herself. (Surely she has plenty already?) Then comes a bombshell; the Borsetshire Blue has lost its flavour, and Ian has sourced cheese elsewhere for now.
  • Elizabeth wastes no time in tracking Neil down, and immediately puts her request to him. Neil kindly but firmly turns her down; he doesn’t really know Freddie; he remembers what drugs did to Ed; he has strong feelings about those who deal.

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