Lily’s plans for the future take shape. Pip’s plans for the grazing take shape.

Radio Times: Phoebe attempts to offer advice

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  • As Ruth and Jill discuss the way Elizabeth is coping with the Freddie problem as well as her business, Josh appears, in search of coffee. Since David is away from the farm all day, Ruth needs Josh to help her sort sheep for slaughter, but Josh protests vehemently; he has been up since the crack of dawn dealing with his machinery. Pip then arrives, and Jill rushes to make her some tea. Josh thinks she could help Ruth instead, which leads to a horrified rejection by both Ruth and Jill. A sibling spat then escalates when Pip announces her plans for herbal leys.
  • Another sullen child, Lily, comes down for breakfast, this time at Lower Loxley, and rudely rejects all Elizabeth’s attempts to apologise for being so bound up with Freddie. Lily rejects offers of breakfast, shopping and lunch, and slams out.
  • Josh does eventually help Ruth, and agrees with her proposal to reduce the flock by 30%. Her wish to do all the lambing themselves, rather than employ Eddie, meets with a more negative response, but he does announce that Brexit may well be good for his business.
  • Phoebe arrives at Lower Loxley in search of Lily, and is sympathetic towards Elizabeth, who is doing her best to win round the licensing authority by installing more CCTV. She has been to see Freddie. Lily appears and is once again rude to her mother when Elizabeth asks whether she has responded to Harrison’s calls about cricket
  • Pip hands Rosie over to Jill while she opens the packets of seed for the herbal leys. Jill is fascinated; the fields will look as they did when she first came to Brookfield 60 years ago.
  • Over lunch, Lily tells Phoebe that a friend of Russ has found them a flat in Manchester. Phoebe suggests that lily will miss out on all the freshers’ fun if she has a 40 year old bloke in tow, but Lily will not be swayed. Why doesn’t she go up alone, asks Phoebe, and Russ could come later. Lily informs her that he needs to give in his notice and tell his wife he is leaving her for Lily. We both want a new life – it will be amazing – you’ll see. Oh Lily…

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