Harrison is shocked to hear of Freddie’s situation but pleased to hear that Ambridge may have a new female cricketer

Radio Times: Lynda is determined to get to the truth

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  • As Fallon calls at the tearoom to check that it is ready for opening, Hannah calls in to buy cakes to take to the cricket. She is surprised to see Fallon there; shouldn’t she be on honeymoon? Fallon explains about the planned trip to Cornwall, and then Lynda appears. She gushes to Fallon about the wedding and then demands to know how far Harrison has got in his search for Constanza’s abductor. Caught off-guard, Fallon almost comes out with the truth, but manages to offer anon-committal answer instead.
  • As Tom and Hannah wait for Johnny to finish ironing his shirt, Hannah can’t resist teasing Tom. She calls him an old woman for fussing over the ironing, and when he receives a text, teases him about the sender. Tom admits it’s a girl – Natasha- whom he met on the Nuffield course. She’s coming to look at Bridge Farm on Thursday.
  • Lynda really has the bit between her teeth, and accosts Harrison at home. It has a been a week since the incident; surely his enquiries should have produced a result by now. She suggests that Fallon might be the culprit, such was her response to Lynda’s earlier enquiry. As Harrison prevaricates, Lynda informs him that she fully intends to raise the matter with his superiors.
  • Ambridge cricket team in one short thanks to Anisha’s departure and Lily having gone to ground. Tom suggests that Hannah might like to give it a go, but she declines, and goes to sit with Fallon. They admire Tracy Horrobin’s skills, and see Ambridge all out for 67. Harrison notices Hannah’s interest and actually manages to persuade her to come to nets. he then learns that Freddie’s case will go to Crown Court, and is horrified. No wonder Lily won’t reply to messages. Freddie could end up in prison.

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