The Archers Unofficial 70th Anniversary Quiz

Here it is – My Archers 70th Anniversary Quiz. 70 Questions covering the whole 70 years of The Archers. Answers available on Monday 28th December at 7pm

Questions 1-69: Two points each (single points awarded at your own discretion🙂)

Question 70: One point for each correct answer. I think there are 33 but I suspect this may be open to challenge!

Maximum score 171 (round numbers are an artificial construct, discuss🙂)

The questions are in roughly chronological order. To avoid giving too much advantage to people with books, all the answers can be found on the internet, with varying degrees of difficulty

Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

Question 1

Which two current local residents were first ‘overheard by the nation’ on 1st January 1951?

Question 2

What were the names of Dan Archer’s last two Shire horses?

Question 3

How did iron ore saboteur Bill Slater meet his demise?

Question 4

Who was ‘Felicity’ and who offered to take her to Ethiopia?

Question 5

Who were Hazel Woolley’s birth parents & what was her mother’s job in World War II?

Question 6

Who did Phil Archer film with his new cine camera at the 1957 Ambridge Fête?

Question 7

Who was acquitted of manslaughter 1957 and who had they accidentally shot?

Question 8

What did farmhand Jimmy Grange do in his spare time?

Question 9

What was Charles Grenville’s housekeeper Madame Garonne’s guilty secret?

Question 10

What are the names of the “pair of rather unlovely dwellings” built by Charles Grenville in 1960?

Question 11

Who were Johnny Martin & Peter Stevens?

Question 12

Self-made businessman Jack Woolley arrived in Ambridge from which Birmingham suburb?

Question 13

What did Phil Archer rename Allard’s Farm and what is there now?

Question 14

How were Janet Sheldon & Charles Grenville connected by a former Ambridge couple?

Question 15

What pair of animals did Walter Gabriel bring to the 1965 Summer Fête?

Question 16

Who was Roger Patillo and who is his biological child?

Question 17

What was Jennifer’s job when she became pregnant with Adam?

Question 18

Who was the alleged mastermind behind the Great Borchester Mail Van Robbery?

Question 19

Who were Henry Smith & Chloe Tempest?

Question 20

Why was Neil Carter sentenced to community service in 1974?

Question 21

Who was the smooth-talking paint salesman who nearly took in Peggy Archer?

Question 22

What was the controversial development of ‘executive’ houses built by Jack Woolley in the 1970s?

Question 23

Who had to be rescued after having their money & passport stolen in Bangkok?

Question 24

To whom did Eddie Grundy become engaged in 1979?

Question 25

Who was driving the car which was struck by a milk tanker, killing Polly Perks?

Question 26

Who shouted ‘tally ho’ before jumping into bed with Phil & Jill & how did this come about?

Question 27

Who was Laura Archer’s lodger and why was he unable to inherit Ambridge Hall on her death?

Question 28

Who was separated from her husband Steve Holland when she arrived in Ambridge?

Question 29

What was 89-year-old Dan Archer doing when he collapsed and died?

Question 30

Who was responsible for the graffiti “Elizabeth Archer wears thermal vests”?

Question 31

Which agricultural college did Ruth attend?

Question 32

What was Brian doing while Jennifer was giving birth to Alice?

Question 33

Whose pants did Pat Archer find in her & Tony’s bed and how did they get there?

Question 34

Caroline’s many boyfriends over the years included 2 with the same surname. Who were they?

Question 35

Who was Peggy’s wartime sweetheart & what prompted him to visit Ambridge in 1992?

Question 36

Why did Lynda Snell hire a private detective in 1994?

Question 37

What was the name of Kate & Roy’s short-lived mobile falafal business?

Question 38

Clarrie Grundy has been kissed 4 times by a famous American actor. Who & why?

Question 39

What is the official name of the playground on the village green?

Question 40

What business did Neil & Mike run at Willow Farm in the late 1990s?

Question 41

Which green project was conceived in the late 1990s to mark the millennium?

Question 42

What was the name of Ambridge’s other pub and who were the last landlords?

Question 43

What ‘traditional country pursuit’ did Joe & Eddie bring to the 2000 Ambridge Fête?

Question 44

Where did David see in the New Year 2001?

Question 45

Who was almost born on the Blackberry Line vintage railway?

Question 46

Where did Emma & Will go on their honeymoon & what did they name their new home?

Question 47

Who was Ambridge’s last GP before the surgery closed in 2002 and who did he marry after leaving the village?

Question 48

Who was, at various times, landlady to Ruth, Richard Locke and Roy & Hayley?

Question 49

What are the names of Oliver’s three children?

Question 50

What was the name of the band formed by Ed, Fallon, Jazzer & Jazzer’s brother Stu?

Question 51

Which building was burnt down by Clive Horrobin and what stands on the site now?

Question 52

What did TEAs stand for and what were they?

Question 53

What disaster befell the second night of the 2008 Ambridge production of Jack & the Beanstalk?

Question 54

What April fool did Kathy & her friend Lorna play on Kenton in 2009?

Question 55

What was C3PL and what happened to its directors?

Question 56

How did Mike & Vicky Tucker meet?

Question 57

What is the Mark Hebden Memorial Trophy & who is the only female winner to date?

Question 58

Which Radio 4 programme was broadcast from Ambridge in 2011?

Question 59

In 2012 Joe Grundy became the oldest Ambridge resident following the death of which 97-year-old?

Question 60

Which two of Christine’s relatives are or were in the Army?

Question 61

The Pet Shop Boys headlined Loxfest after Elizabeth was forced to cancel which band?

Question 62

Which vital object did Lynda briefly believe lost in the 2015 floods?

Question 63

What do Nigel Pargetter, Jethro Larkin & a badger have in common?

Question 64

Who are the current Chair and the Clerk of Ambridge Parish Council?

Question 65

How long have the Grundys been supplying South Borsetshire with Christmas turkeys?

Question 66

What do Aiden Harrison and Eamonn Philips have in common?

Question 67

Which Ambridge resident will celebrate their 70th birthday in February 2021?

Question 68

What is the blood relationship between Phil Archer’s great-granddaughter Rosie & his first wife Grace?

Question 69

Explain, with diagrams if necessary, either one of the two ways in which Chris Carter and Johnny Phillips are related

Question 70

Name all the characters who have or at some point had the surname Archer and have been heard on the programme in the last 70 years. Past or present, living or dead. No silents, but baby noises do count