Johnny makes life difficult for Tom and Elizabeth takes advice from Oliver

Radio Times: Tom is desperate to impress

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  • Oliver meets Elizabeth in the shop, and seeing her dejection, advises her to ignore the Echo and its coverage of Lower Loxley and Freddie’s trial. She is to meet up with Oliver and Kathy later to discuss a proposition. meanwhile Oliver gives a stranger directions to Bridge Farm.
  • The stranger is Natalie, and Tom is, to say the least, over-eager in his approach, to the amusement of Johnny, who sends Tom up at every opportunity. She pretends to be appalled that her Summer Orchard drinks are not on sale. Helen takes her to the dairy, in the absence of Susan and Clarrie, where Natalie tastes, but fails to enjoy, Tom’s Kefir. After seeing the polytunnels, Johnny treats her to a discourse on cattle, to the fury of Tom.
  • Elizabeth’s meeting with Oliver and Kathy goes well, though Kathy contributes remarkably little to the discussion. They will be happy to have Lower Loxley bookings referred to them until the alcohol licence matter is resolved. Oliver will gladly speak for her at the licensing appeal.
  • Having managed to get rid of Johnny, Tom asks Natalie what she thinks of Bridge Farm. She says she has had a lovely day, and admires Helen’s forensic approach to the cheese problem, but will not be drawn to give marketing advice despite Tom’s heaped-on adulation. She promises to email her thoughts in a day or so.
  • Elizabeth has one more favour to ask of Oliver – a character reference for Freddie. Gently, Oliver points out that he barely knows Freddie. A college tutor would be more appropriate, perhaps; it’s not, after all, an academic matter. This is clearly a revelation to Elizabeth. Yes, there must be someone at the college who could do that… the vice-principal, perhaps?

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