Jazzer receives appropriate clothing from Chris’s closet at the last moment and Harrison tells Susan he knows it was her who kidnapped the llama.

Radio Times: The wedding day dawns for Harrison and Fallon

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  • Fallon worries about her make-up and rethinks all her fashion choices as a bride. She is reassured by Kirsty and Jolene of her beauty. Wayne has been working on the food and everyone else is on their appointed duties.
  • Jazzer appears in his brother’s checked suit. Kirsty thinks he looks like a badly dressed bookie. He can’t show up at the wedding dressed like that. Jazzer is nonplussed. He has nothing else. Kirsty thinks only the shoes pass muster but they were borrowed from Chris. Kirsty calls Christopher but Susan answers. They’ll be 5 minutes, promises Kirsty.
  • Harrison and Chris stand by as Susan and Kirsty pick out something for Jazzer from Chris’s closet. Susan hand tailors a waistcoat for Jazzer while Harrison frets about the time. Chris tries to calm Harrison’s worries. They finally leave.
  • Kirsty fills Fallon in on the wardrobe malfunction. Jazzer drives up and apologises but the women think he looks fine. Harrison gives Fallon a kiss and a compliment but Jazzer asks Fallon is she sure she is marrying the right man. He is ready to step in. Everyone laughs and readies to enter the Register Office.
  • Chris’s speech is a great hit and a good time is had by all. Jazzer steps up and introduces the interim music act-Fallon’s band Little White Lies. Everyone encourages her to step up and sing with her old band. Everyone discusses Lynda’s llama kidnap. Privately, Harrison tells Susan he knows it was her who perpetrated the crime. She tries to deny it but Harrison tells her everyone is gossiping about Constanza but Susan. Susan admits it and begs Harrison not to arrest her. She mentions she has saved Jazzer from embarrassing them all with his tartan suit. Caught in a happy moment, Harrison agrees not to arrest Susan.
  • Harrison surprises Fallon by announcing a honeymoon in Cornwall. All he wants is to be alone with his love. Fallon is thrilled and they seal the deal with a kiss under the stars.

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