Jazzer defends Alistair against Susan’s gossip and Lily is furious that Elizabeth is solely concerned with Freddie’s future and not hers.

Radio Times: Freddie faces the music

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  • Susan and Chris discuss the drugs arrest and resulting fall out for Lower Loxley. The talk turns to the wedding, as per usual. Susan asks Chris about his best man speech and his suit. Is it clean? Are the buttons securely sewed on?
  • Freddie brings up his A levels as Elizabeth drives him to court. He is proud of his D and E grades. Elizabeth notes his hard work (!) has paid off; he won’t have to put his grades on his CV. Freddie says he won’t win any prizes for his results (Mr. Obvious) but he did manage not to fail. He will have to admit to criminal convictions, though, Elizabeth murmurs. Freddie brings up Wayne; but he was lucky, points out Elizabeth. I see it as a good sign, announces Freddie.
  • Jazzer is incredulous that Christopher has created a garden ornament that would go for £350 on the market. It takes skill and patience to make this, protests Chris. Jazzer has borrowed his brother’s wedding suit. His feet are bigger, though, but Jazzer thinks his trainers will do. Chris agrees to lend Jazzer a pair of shoes.
  • Freddie looks around for Johnny at court but he admits to Elizabeth that Johnny was right. Freddie was an idiot and has gone too far this time. Lily shows up, but she hasn’t forgiven him. Nor is she ready to make up with Elizabeth. Freddie presses Lily on where she has been; with friends of Russ where he is cat-sitting, she admits. The friends are returning tonight and so must Lily.
  • Susan turns up and spots that Jazzer is wearing Chris’s shoes. Susan presses Jazzer for details on Alistair. Jazzer defends Alistair. Susan pulls off a hanging button from the blue shirt. She’ll take it home and fix it. Susan is snide about Harrison’s brother who apparently has tattoos and a man bun. The boys change the subject to the wedding which will be very small and private in the Register Office.
  • Freddie is incredulous. Nothing is finished. Another six months at Shula’s with another court date. Elizabeth insists Freddie thank Usha. Lily is scathing and dismissive of her brother. One of the booked families has cancelled and demanded compensation but Elizabeth is much more worried about Freddie surviving a prison, now that it is likely he will receive a custodial sentence. Lily acidly notes that at least Freddie will inherit Lower Loxley. Elizabeth is solely focused on Freddie, his future and his ‘feelings’. Lily is furious; what about MY future, she asks? She spits out her A level results: two As and an A star, thanks for asking. Lily storms off and Elizabeth is left bleating her apologies and unsuccessfully begging Lily to return.

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