Jazzer offers sympathy to the beleaguered Alistair and Pip agrees to using Grace as a middle name for Rosie.

Radio Times: Pip makes a decision

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  • Alistair and Jazzer discuss the gambling issue. Jim was so angry with Jazzer that he may evict him. Meanwhile, Alistair is sharing a room with Jim’s piano. David calls with a bovine emergency.
  • Josh is fretting because Ruth and David are late for the meeting. Ruth arrives and explains the cow with the torn udder. David will be along later. Josh threatens to wait only 5 more minutes and then he is off.
  • David tries to be sympathetic with Alistair’s problem. Alistair has solved the issue with the poor cow and it seems to be fine. Jill arrives and calls David to the meeting. She stays to talk to Alistair and she seems to blame Alistair for the marriage breakdown now. He is solely responsible for Shula’s unhappiness. Jill hopes Alistair feels ashamed of himself. Alistair tells Jill that what he feels or doesn’t feel, really isn’t her business any longer.
  • Pip is taken aback by decisions that have been made in her absence. Rosie begins to cry and Josh is impatient with the ‘bring your baby to work scheme’. Pip is also critical of Josh’s consultation of a nutritionist for the feed. Rosie cries again and interrupts things. It is no good Pip’s criticizing after the event, Josh feels. Pip jumps into the argument until David stops it.
  • Alistair comes back to Jim’s and finds that Jazzer has traded rooms with him. He has given Alistair the bigger room and finding this, Alistair begins crying. He is not used to kindness. They make an agreement to meet at The Bull later.
  • Toby has doubts about Rosie’s name. He wants to name her Grace. It is a traditional Fairbrother name. Pip argues that Jill would have a fit. Toby pushes his case and notes Grace has only been dead 60 odd years; too soon? Okay, agrees Pip. Rosie Ruth Grace Archer, it is, but don’t tell Gran.

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