02 September 1996

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  • Richard gets the official confirmation of the upcoming independent review, and isn’t happy. Usha tries to convince him that it’s for his protection as much as the complainant, but he takes some persuading. He eventually tries to just grin and bear it.
  • Later, Joe visits him and he is making extra sure, ordering a chest x-ray in the face of Joe’s normal wheezing, which has the effect of worrying Joe tremendously, when all he wanted was to skive off for a few days.
  • Eddie has another number plate in mind – involving JW for Jack Woolley – which should make a bob or two, in the face of further pressure over the latest car-boot sale, including Phil (the now ex-JP) warning of the potential for public nuisance.
  • Phil is looking forward to the vet visiting to give the final, after two years, all clear to Brookfield over the TB incident.
  • Jill, Clarrie and Usha are discussing the fete and the Flower & Produce show.

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