05 August 1996

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  • John’s in a major stress;
    • he’s in charge at Bridge Farm and is concerned that Helen is not up to her responsibilities.
    • Neil wants to talk shop, they agree that the best solution is for John to buy Neil out and they’ll both think of a number
    • Hayley is playing the “he still owes me” game and has something arranged for Thursday ….
  • Filming begins at Lower Loxley, Julia’s acting the big star, Lizzie is tearing her hair out over the state of the house (and the flower beds and croquet lawn!) and Clarrie is just savouring the experience.
  • The possibility of more car boot sales at Grange Farm is concerning Clarrie.
  • The big star is revealed, Julia is promised a scene with ….. (drum roll) Marlon Brando!

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