16 September 1996

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  • John’s all spruced up for his appointment at the bank and, although they like his ideas, remain to be convinced that the market is as potentially lucrative as he claims.
  • The fears over Eddie and the numberplate prove well-founded. Jack received an early-morning visit from the constabulary, knowing nothing about the plates because it is not his birthday yet! Higgs spilled the beans and via Peggy, Eddie was forced into a refund. The police had visited Eddie too, and Clarrie was pleased at that. Jack’s not too bothered by it all as the day wore on.
  • Eddie was equally displeased at Sean turning him down for the Cat’s tug-of-war team, citing the need for younger blood!
  • Brian, although relaxed after a day’s shooting, was still annoyed at Kate, who responded by giving him all their paperwork for inspection and a demand to be taken seriously.
  • The villagers, or at least those who know, seem to be on Richard’s side for the hearing next week.

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