19 July 1996

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  • Sid and Kathy are very busy and with limited manpower for the Hassett Room and Kathy’s not happy with Sid for playing cricket instead of being at Jamie’s first birthday party – especially when she hears that a disgruntled Sean is available.
  • Lizzie and Nigel are getting a bit disgruntled themselves over the film company, who’ve hired John’s pigs and Christine’s horses for “Isabella” without telling them and still no script, no more beards needed and Lynda’s in the dog-house over the non-appearence of a film rep at the auditions.
  • Kate’s got half the village running after her to get Pulsations up and running in time for the Felpersham Folk Festival at the weekend.
  • John’s toying with the idea of organic pigs, which pleases Pat even if it is only for economic reasons

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