19 September 1996

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  • John is concerned that proving the market to the bank will stall the proceedings. Later, Tony offers him a bridging loan – which John refuses, stunning Tony. It seems that in the meantime his buyer had faxed a contract which he will show the bank tomorrow.
  • Shula is not keen to give the Grundys too much hassle at the moment, although Usha tries to convince her that Simon has a point. Shula is going to give them one more chance before serving the Notice to Remedy.
  • Nelson finally explodes at Julia. The previous night, where Julia had prepared dinner and taken it to the wine bar for him, taking over Shane’s kitchen and even having other customers ordering her dish, was the last straw. His delicate hints having been ignored, he becomes more blatant, at which point she takes it very badly and flounces out. Nigel, stuck in the middle, tries to be diplomatic. (“Hmmmm. Nice.”)

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