23 October 1996

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  • Eddie and Joe are off to see Usha for some official advice, Joe is very negative, which Clarrie blames on withdrawl symptoms but Eddie scoffs and the matter about William’s cigarette butts behind the barn comes out. Joe tells rather than takes the blame and while Clarrie shouts to William to give him the bullet the lads scarper ….
  • Good and bad news when the Grundys meet with Usha. In theory she thinks they’ve a good case, but it’s more likely they’ll go through arbitration than the courts, in which case they’ll need a land agent rather than a solicitor and then there’s the matter of legal aid, which they may not qualify for.
  • Lynda is off to find out more about Al’s poet, having a sly dig at Jennifer’s local history skills in the process! She’s also less than pleased at the status of this year’s panto, which seems to be progressing well with the “impudent” Hayley at the helm.
  • Jennifer visits Ambridge Hall and is keen to see the present Lynda was left, she’s equally shocked when Lynda shows her a pink, padded, plastic lavatory seat!

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