24 September 1996

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  • Richard is preoccupied with the review, but is openly appreciative of Usha’s support.
  • Things go from bad to worse at Grange Farm when a MAFF inspector calls on his 3-yearly visit to inform them that the diary will need a complete refurbishment within six months or their license to provide milk will be revoked. Eddie plans to speak to Shula over whether it is the landlord or the tenant who picks up the tab.
  • Richard is receiving a grilling, albeit a seemingly fair and reasonable one, from the panel. They question him on the diagnoses in the weeks before Mrs Barraclough’s death and he answers confidently. Only when it transpires that Mrs Antrobus had told them that he had visited her the afternoon before her death, a visit not recorded in his notes, did he start to fluster. While not questioning that he had just popped by to visit a gravely ill patient, their probings caused him to let go slightly, speaking out against the son, though the outburst wasn’t received too badly.

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