27 June 1996

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  • Neil and Mike are preparing for the start of the PYO season at Willow Farm, and more interest in the Old Spots so Neil is fairly happy.
  • Usha’s a little preoccupied, Richard’s furniture, the imminent arrival of Aunt Satya and the prospect of merging all weigh on her mind.
  • The Echo has a big article on the festival, including an item on the talent contest by Jennifer.
  • The festival turned out to be a financial success, raising almost £3,000 which means a probably surplus.
  • Ron banged the Fergie, after making a reasonable job of something, so Tony’s still not happy with him
  • Simon found out about the Grundy’s Car Boot Sale thanks to the advert in the Echo, he’s sure that this is in breach of tenancy and blames Shula as Estate Manager

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