A breakthrough – Elizabeth has decided to seek professional help.

Radio Times: Jolene makes wedding plans, while Jill wins a concession.

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  • The choice is made: Brian and Annabelle have interviewed prospective site managers and Cliff is the man for the job. Annabelle comments on the fact that Andrew Smith is no longer on the BL board; Brian is confident that they will therefore have no more trouble from Amside.
  • Having had her stitches removed and with Roy in charge, Elizabeth feels she can relax over a coffee at Jaxx. Kenton will take them back to Lower Loxley and doesn’t need an excuse to call in at The Bull too. Jill queries Elizabeth’s continued involvement at Lower Loxley in the light of her heart problem. She has to preserve it for Nigel; she will not be swayed from that, but at least she is thinking about professional help in the office.
  • Brian is a bit late but has called at The Laurels to collect Peggy and is introduced to Elona; he misses her life history, when he takes a call from Annabelle, but Peggy later makes him aware that Elona’s English husband is a building site carpenter.
  • Kenton is disappointed to hear that Jamie hasn’t called at The Bull lately, though Jolene saw him knocking back the cider on The Green. They must just give him space and hope that he talks to Fallon eventually. Jolene is full of wedding plans – the royal one – to discuss with Kenton.
  • Brian and Peggy call at The Bull for lunch and she takes him to task for off-loading Ruairidh onto grandma Bridget when Jennifer is away; they cannot help noticing how happy Jolene looks and Kenton knowingly agrees.

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