A family gathering at Glebe Cottage makes it feel like home.

Radio Times: The parents are sent to bed.

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  • While the guests are waiting for David and Ruth, the discussion at Glebe Cottage moves from Daniel’s escaped stick insects to the Australian holiday.
  • Ruth and David are frantically getting ready. They are shattered and are looking forward to having a lie-in the following morning while Bert does morning milking.
  • Everyone enjoys the dinner party, the main topic of conversation at which is the Australian trip and what has been going on on the farm and at Lower Loxley.
  • While the holiday videos are being shown, Jill and Phil eventually flake out and are persuaded to go to bed. While they are settling down in bed and listening to their guests clearing up downstairs, Jill says that, now they have had a family get-together, the cottage is beginning to feel like home.

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