A good result for Hayley: no need to consider IVF for a few months.

Radio Times: D-Day arrives for Hayley and Roy. Professor Robert Winston makes his second guest appearance as the couple’s consultant.

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  • The day has arrived for Hayley’s laparoscopy; she is glad to have Roy with her, even though she does not find him very reassuring.
  • Waiting for the hunt to start, Oliver explains to Caroline that he understands David’s tractor project; he must look in on it himself. He envies David the challenge and has been thinking what should be next for him. The answer, it seems, is unpasteurised cheese. He knows nothing about it but it will be a new learning curve to climb; he must talk to Helen.
  • The verdict for Hayley is good. One tube is completely blocked and will need surgery; the other has been tidied up and is now unblocked. So she has a real potential for pregnancy without IVF.
  • Neil is surprised and annoyed to find Christopher with more new skiing clothes; actually, it’s not so much ‘more’ as ‘different’: he has changed all the ghastly stuff his mother insisted on buying. Diplomacy dictates that it would be better not to tell mum; Neil agrees.
  • Back home, Hayley is ready for a rest but she and Roy can both look forward to making good use of the next six months. At least they understand the problem and, although there are no guarantees, it feels as if they have moved closer to having a child together. They are both very happy about that.

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