A throwback at Willow Farm?

Radio Times: A throwback at Willow Farm?

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  • Eddie tells Neil he has found a potential buyer for Posh Spice, but Neil is more occupied moaning about the size of his house, and on top of that, one of the Gloucester Old Spots has had an odd throwback litter which he’s worried he won’t be able to sell.
  • Julia has Susan hard at work using all of Nigel and Elizabeth’s office paper copying bits of her book to send off to some publishers – Julia’s hoping for a large advance, but Susan thinks Julia should finish the book first. Julia is very pleased with how it’s turning out, she tells Susan that some bits are quite brilliant and she can’t remember writing such good stuff. Susan is relieved that Julia’s ego means she hasn’t noticed that she _didn’t_ write the good bits! She distracts Julia by mentioning Neil had been watching the video of Isabella, which seems to give Julia an idea ……….
  • Eddie visits Neil at the pigs to broach his idea that the ‘throwback’ litter is in fact Old Spot/wild boar cross. Neil is sceptical but admits the sow did get out around the right time. He cheers up when Tommy, who’s joined them, waxes lyrical about the premium available for wild boar sausages.
  • Julia’s great idea turns out to be selling the film rights of her book to the producer of Isabella and she is annoyed at being fobbed off with an assistant when she phones. The producer, Carolyn (you might want to check that) is away but Julia tells the assiatant in no uncertain terms to get the news of this brilliant opportunity to her as soon as possible.
  • Neil and Susan are talking about their house and mention that Dr. Hathaway has exchanged contracts.Mike comes round to discuss the PYO strawberries but Neil has decided he’s had enough from Mike, and says he might not be growing them this year, and in any case, Mike will surely be too busy working at Home Farm to be doing the strawberries. Mike departs with his tail between his legs, but Susan berates Neil for being so nasty when Mike is rather vulnerable.

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