Adam and Debbie discover Matt’s considering defecting. Debbie will fly back.

Radio Times: Brian faces a family crisis.

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  • Brian tells Adam about Nolly’s card for Kate’s birthday today but makes a hasty exit when Adam mentions Matt’s incommunicado.
  • Jennifer’s getting Debbie in Hungary up to date regarding Jack. Debbie’s surprised at Christopher accompanying Alice to Southampton and Brian makes his disapproval heard.
  • Adam strides in; David says Loxley Norton’s biodigester is well advanced with a supermarket waste deal meaning Ambridge Heat and Power is a white elephant. Jennifer forces Brian to divulge he already knows and, worse, Borchester Land intend to approach the rival to invest. Adam storms out to tell Ruth, David, and Debbie the ‘confidential’ information. Jennifer berates Brian who slam-doors his way out.
  • Adam tells Debbie that B. L. must have had the defection in mind at the last public meeting. Perhaps even Carl is involved? Debbie warns against paranoia. Adam’s dismayed at the pointless loss of reputation in the village. Debbie suggests flying in for the next A. H. P. meeting. Adam’s grateful.
  • Lilian has been searching for a carer for Jack and tells Jennifer how there just aren’t enough carers, even if money is no object. She’s waiting on a couple of people to ring but she doesn’t think they’ll find anyone fast.

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