Adam has found out Debbie’s preferred contractor is in financial trouble.

Radio Times: The waiting’s over for Nigel and Lizzie.

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  • It is the day for collecting Nigel’s wine. But he still can’t decide on labels or covers. It’s driving the winery mad. When he eventually gets it home, they think it’s pretty drinkable for a first attempt.
  • Ian is worried that Adam isn’t doing enough work to tackle Debbie over the contractors. She is playing nasty and Adam mustn’t let her get away with it. When he does some work into “Gavin” Adam finds out that he may be in financial trouble and could be planning to use Home Farm as a way of proving to his creditors he is still viable. He’ll need to do more work on it though.
  • Lilian is pleased with the amount of weight she has lost by not drinking – will definitely show on Matt’s credit card. Nothing is going to stop her getting to New York now.
  • Matt wants a chat about bio fuels and Adam is less than receptive who walks off in a huff. But he is pleased later that he found a genuine Pirelli calendar in a lot of junk he bought from Eddie.

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