Adam makes a difficult decision. Helen makes a birthday meal. Tom makes everybody cross.

Radio Times: Adam comes to a decision. Meanwhile, there is an upbeat mood at Bridge Farm.

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  • Helen is cooking Beef Wellington for Tony’s birthday, as well as icing a cake, and refuses Pat’s offer of help. Tom returns from his meeting about the ready meals and the Felpersham launch full of ideas; Helen must produce yet more cheese and Pat must look at new flavours for the ice cream and yoghurt. Pat has to remind him that this is Tony’s birthday, so business talk must wait.
  • Adam is not hungry because he is worried about the public meeting. He knows that the press will pick up on the family rift, but equally he wants to add weight to the opposition’s point of view. Ian offers to go in his place and report back.
  • True to form, Tony asks why everyone is making so much fuss over his birthday, but they all enjoy Helen’s cooking. In the midst of it all, Adam rings to tell Pat he has decided to stay away from the meeting. Pat is not pleased, but can see how difficult his situation is.
  • Ignoring Pat’s injunction to ban business talk from the table, Tom tells Tony to tidy up the farm. They must have photos and a video for the launch. Tony points out that he is too busy; Tom should do it if he feels so strongly. Pat tells them firmly that the table is a business-free zone.

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