Alice tells Jennifer to leave her alone. Emma tells Susan how to organise a Christening party.

Radio Times: Susan’s stress levels are rising, and Jennifer gives some careers advice.

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  • Stress levels are high at Ambridge View, as Susan panics over Keira’s christening party. She snaps at Neil, who has brought chairs from the village hall, and with his customary air of long-suffering, Neil suggests that she takes things easy.
  • Clarrie arrives to help, and mentions the fact that Nic ha offered to help with the cooking. Somehow Susan seems less than enthusiastic, and says she can manage. They discuss George’s troll, and manage to laugh when they discover that both Will and Neil are busy making goats to accompany his trolls.
  • Jennifer pays one of her many popping-in visits to Alice, this time with the offer of a supermarket shop. Alice has perfected the art of winding her mother up, and says she is going into town anyway, and will pick up some frozen pizzas along with Keira’s christening present. Having got rid of Jennifer, Alice rings Emma with the offer of some cooking. Emma (who has contributed absolutely nothing to the preparations) assures her everything is under control.
  • Susan tells Neil that she is worried about Chris’ money problems. He has the Aldridges to live up to, and Susan wonders whether they should help him. Neil points out that they still have a mortgage, and that he has no intention of helping Chris.
  • Alice calls at Home Farm to show Jennifer what she has bought and Jennifer tells her, in her most condescending tones, that she and Brian will not be able to stay long at the party, as the harvest must be brought in. Innocently, Alice says Brian can go back to his grain trailer if he wants, but Jennifer has no need to leave. She might even enjoy the party. When Alice talks of finding a summer job, Jennifer informs her there is no need, and that she should be looking at her career openings, which may well be far from Ambridge. Alice bluntly tells her mother to stop interfering.
  • With both Clarrie and Susan working flat out, Emma (who has contributed absolutely nothing to the preparations) swans in to order all the tables and chairs to be brought inside because it will rain.

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