Alistair begins to sort out his debts but the atmosphere at The Stables is tense.

Radio Times: Tense times at The Stables.

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  • It’s William’s 21st birthday and he thinks he is going out with Emma; if fact there is a party organised and Susan, rather than Clarrie, has baked the cake, so as to maintain secrecy. Susan is worried about Christopher and whether he is doing his homework; she doesn’t want him to do as badly in his exams as Emma did in hers. Unfortunately, Emma came in just in time to hear that – thanks Mum! The next visitor is Will, so one secret is blown.
  • Alistair has returned from an early call and gets a frosty reception from Shula. He has scraped together £100 and repaid David half what he owes him. He will ring Matt later to say he will not be playing in future and will arrange a personal loan to cover the other debts.
  • At Jaxx the last customer has left and the party preparations can begin. Emma is not convinced about Kenton’s idea to play music from 1983, Will’s birth year; they prefer Fallon’s mates to provide more modern music. (No taste, these kids!) Shula calls for a private word with her twin: why had he not told her that Alistair was still playing poker with Matt and his cronies, who have fleeced him. Unlike Kenton, Shula is unable to see a funny side to it. Eight grand is not, as he suggests, just loose chage to them. He encouraged Alistair initially, it’s true, but he did not know that Alistair was continuing or why he lied about it; she needs to talk to her husband about that.
  • The party is going well, although Emma is disappointed that Ed didn’t show. Christopher is having a good time; Susan has arranged an appointment with his teacher on Friday. Ostensibly to thank him for his help, Neil and Susan take Kenton off to The Bull for a pint – now the music can change!
  • Alistair is not best pleased to find a printout of a web page about gambling. Shula was trying to find out what she is up against. He can sort it out himself – back off! (Much tearing of paper!)

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