Alistair wants to win back the money he’s lost at poker. Tom gets threatened by the rival burger van owner. Lilian decides to be Matt’s PA.

Radio Times: Tom confronts the competition.

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  • Alistair had forgotten the PCC meeting and it’s going to interfere with his plans. He’s not impressed and relations are very strained. Matt meanwhile tries to persuade Alistair to join in a double or quits bet on the horse but for once Alistair turns down the bet and the horse wins. He’s determined to win his money back at the poker table.
  • Tom is having his first day with his catering van at the point to point. He doesn’t think the competition has anything on him on the van or the burgers. He and Brenda are finding it a bit tough sorting things out but they are going pretty well. They make about £300 profit. Then the rival van owner gets a bit serious with the threats. But Tom thinks it’s just sour grapes.
  • Matt has decided not to go to Paris. He claims the convention probably wouldn’t be very useful. But Lilian does wonder if it’s because Jade isn’t there – because Lilian could be his PA instead.

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