An affair is no great surprise but Jennifer is shocked to learn that Brian is Ruairidh’s father.

Radio Times: Jennifer is stunned.

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  • Jennifer and Brian are both up early – Brian hasn’t even been to bed. Jennifer is still completely unaware. She thinks they have been talking about Simon. Brian tries to tell her. He confesses to an affair. She thought he might have been – how stupid does he think she is. They’ve been there before. All those lame excuses. She wants to avoid the sordid details and concentrate on Christmas. It is selfish of Brian to want to tell her the details. He clearly doesn’t have any intention of changing. Finally he blurts it out. It was Siobhán and he is so sorry. It dawns on Jennifer that the baby is his. She is really is very shocked indeed and seems near to hysterics and is gasping for breath. She won’t even let him near her to help.
  • Brian goes to Debbie to get help for her. Debbie just wants him to stay away from them.
  • Brian tells Siobhán Jennifer knows. It was the party at Lower Loxley. Debbie worked it out. The baby looks like Alice and it was Brian’s hankie. Siobhán thinks this will help. He should come over straight away but Brian can’t leave Jennifer in this state. That doesn’t impress Siobhán. She hangs up.
  • Debbie tells Jennifer she found out. Simon had told her but seeing the baby made her ask Elizabeth. And she did finally admit it even though she didn’t want to. Jennifer thinks she should never have married Brian, she knew he had a wandering eye but she always thought he would come back. But Debbie thinks they have been happy. She has nothing to reproach herself for. Jennifer thought that in time he would grow out of it. How was she to know that a beautiful young tart would come along. And this wasn’t just a fling. There is a baby involved. 27 years gone in a sentence only an hour ago. She hasn’t the faintest idea what she is going to do.

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