Annette discovers the awful thing about a shoot: it involves killing birds.

Radio Times: Greg’s in the doghouse.

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  • Sonja is sick this morning after the excesses of yesterday but Annette is not allowed to stay with her. Today dad gets to decide and she is coming on the Boxing Day shoot; she doesn’t think she will like it.
  • The Brookfield calves are playful this morning, which Ruth finds hilarious; it’s a priceless moment of the kind that make farming such a rewarding job.
  • At the shoot, Annette is sulking; she is a teenager and it goes with the territory. Greg was embarrassed about her behaviour yesterday, after Pat went to so much trouble: by contrast, Sonja ate everything in sight and made herself sick. Greg hands her over to the tender care of Ed to show her the ropes but mostly they share horror stories about their day yesterday in the bosom of their ‘in-laws’. Today is no better, in the freezing countryside.
  • Helen thinks Greg has got things very wrong with Annette, bossing her around. She is instantly proved right when a dead pheasant comes down and she freaks out. Ed gets no thanks for trying to comfort her. For a moment, Brian thought that Matt Crawford had finally shot somebody. He enlightens David that the party at Nightingale Farm on New Year’s Eve is not hosted by Matt but his new tenant – identity unknown.
  • Greg protests that the incident was not his fault but Helen will have none of it. He didn’t take the trouble to explain to her what would happen; Sonja knows, but Annette is not Sonja. He had better get to know her and start accepting her for what she is, otherwise the holiday is going to be a complete disaster.

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