Annette takes an irrevocable step. Joe takes advantage of his friendship with the Prof.

Radio Times: There’s a cash flow crisis at Keeper’s Cottage.

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  • How annoying! Joe has just embarked on the history of Greenacres, or rather on the old police house that stood on the site earlier and was destroyed by fire, but Jim has to go. So Joe is invited to come too – to look at the house and continue the story.
  • Annette is anxiously waiting her turn at the abortion clinic. Helen assures her that she will be there when she comes out. Meanwhile Helen herself needs a bit of support; she rings her mum but cannot say why. Pat is puzzled.
  • Joe approves of the house. Jim explains his plan to get Robert to do some decorating before he moves in – and put up some shelves. Oh, no! Robert would not be the best person for shelves; Eddie is the man for that; he will do a lovely job at a fair price.
  • Annette cannot expect anything to happen until she takes the second abortion pill; she insists that she doesn’t want to talk about it in the meantime.
  • Joe reports back on his efforts to secure some work for Eddie. Clarrie is sceptical – knowing, as she does, Eddie’s strengths and weaknesses. But Eddie, who is in the grip of a cash flow problem, is ready to have a go. He has to do something: the borrowed van will not tide him over for long; he needs some work to finance a replacement van.

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