Another tense day at Home Farm culminating in Alice leaving.

Radio Times: Alice reaches breaking point at Home Farm.

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  • Things are still tense at Home Farm: Brian tried to encourage Alice to spend time with Ruairidh and it didn’t go down well. He feels that she has to meet him half way. David and Ruth have invited Ruairidh over to Brookfield today.
  • At Brookfield, they are discussing ideas for Phil and Jill’s Golden Wedding – maybe a trip to New Zealand. Ruth needs to ring Gray about the events she is going to with him and this draws a sarcastic remark from David.
  • Jennifer tries an olive branch with Alice: perhaps they could have a day out together. Alice’s verdict is that is won’t put things right – it’s just too late.
  • Over a beer, Brian thanks David for his support. That’s ok but when he goes on to profess his love for Siobhán it is too much for David; he is not the right person to help. Ruth has been thinking about Gray and has decided not to go to Worcester or the farmers’ markets.
  • Alice has decided to eat early rather than wait for the rest of the family. Brian tries to apologise for shouting at her earlier but it does no good: she feels she has lost the family she thought she had; she expects her parents to respect her enough to let her feel the way she does. Then there is an unfortunate incident when Alice pushes Ruairidh over in stopping him fiddling with her MP3 player.
  • Later, with Ruairidh settled, Jennifer and Brian discuss what is to be done. Alice feels totally rejected. She needs to know that Brian is there for her too. The conversation is interrupted by the sound of Alice leaving.

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