Bert’s internet fixation is getting out of hand; are Emma’s feelings for Ed just appreciative?

Radio Times: Happy holidays at Rickyard Cottage.

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  • Neil is driving Emma to the hospital to see Ed, and giving her a hard time about what she should and shouldn’t have done last night. All Emma cares about is Ed – she doesn’t share Neil’s opinion that he got off lightly with a cracked rib and cuts and bruises – he was unconscious after all… Neither does she agree that she should have gone with the Police to search the streets for the culprits and left Ed to go off in the ambulance on his own – he saved her life and she wanted to be there when he woke up. Why can’t her Dad be more understanding? Like Caroline who’s said she can have as much time off from Grey Gables as she needs. Anticipating that Neil will probably start slagging off the Grundy’s again, she gets out of the car to walk with Clarrie, whom she sees also heading for the hospital.
  • David and Ruth are trying to repair the silage clamp. Ruth suggests that as they will be together with the whole Archer clan quite a lot over Easter, they should discuss offering some money to Shula, Kenton and Elizabeth if the subject of Woodbine Cottage comes up – just to avoid an atmosphere of argument. David can’t believe she is starting this conversation. It can only lead to him and Ruth arguing! Bert appears and imparts his latest bit of cyber-knowledge about the Murrins in Rickyard Cottage – their name means a plague known as The Stockman’s Curse, even if it is spelled differently … Ruth can’t believe that Bert has probably upset them with these facts – they’re a great family with children the same age as Pip and Josh. She goes to calm the possible ruffled waters …
  • At the hospital, Clarrie is waiting to take Ed home. Emma is so sorry for what happened – she feels very guilty. Ed appears, his face looking awful, but he sounds cheerful enough and jokes about having decided to turn down that modelling job anyway … !
  • Ruth is pleased to report that the Murrins saw the funny side of Bert’s story and have hung onto the Archer kids to play with theirs. Bert starts again about the origins of Hot Cross Buns, which Mr Murrin, an educated man, knew nothing about … ! Ruth and David quietly agree that Bert is getting worse than Linda Snell!! Neil arrives and confirms that a date has been fixed for a parish candidates question and answer session before the election – and David will be up against Graham Ryder, Matt Crawford’s ‘poodle’!
  • Emma has called in on Ed at Keeper’s Cottage after making a statement to the Police. She stays for lunch then Clarrie decides to go to work if Emma will keep Ed company. Emma wonders why Neil can’t be grateful to him, like she is. Ed saved her again – and that’s twice now.

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