Brenda agrees to take Matt’s hush money for Tom by keeping quiet.

Radio Times: Brenda makes a dangerous decision.

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  • Oliver is struggling with the early morning milking in the cold. Getting a bit old for that sort of thing. Meanwhile Caroline tries to begin to make friends with Nic by inviting her and Will round for supper. During supper Nic tells William that she has put Jake’s name down for Loxley Barratt school and will move in with him once she has passed her driving test.
  • Will is getting sorted out back on the shoot. Pete wasn’t as keen on tidiness as he is. Mike is giving him a hand but is a bit the worse for wear having gone onto the cider shed after the anniversary party.
  • Brenda gets in touch with Matt to say she will keep quiet about what she overheard between him and Chalkie if he buys Tom out of the pig business with Brian. He agrees, with veiled threats about what will happen if she talks.

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