Brenda contemplates a change of scene. Alan contemplates a change of camp-site.

Radio Times: Jill gets her affairs in order.

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  • Shula helps Jill to sort Phil’s clothes out. She offers to take them to a charity shop in Borchester, but Jill can’t bear the thought of seeing people wearing them, so Shula says she’ll take them to Felpersham instead. When Alan calls to check that it’s still all right to camp outside Glebe Cottage, Shula seizes the opportunity to go to the shop and stock up on basics. It seems that Jill isn’t eating properly.
  • Lynda is revving up for overdrive, organising shop volunteers, anti-graffiti parties and the talent show. Roy seems unwilling to discuss Kate’s visit, but Lynda does comment that Hayley must find it hard.
  • Brenda is dejected by yet another unsuccessful job application. When Tom tells her what Tony said about them being married and starting a family, it’s clear that Brenda doesn’t share that dream. She can’t think why Helen should want to be tied down with a baby. She now thinks she should look further afield – Birmingham or even London – for a job. Tom is appalled.
  • Alan offers wise counsel to Jill. She realises it must have been so much harder when he was widowed, with Amy to look after; she does at least have years of happiness to remember, and she has Chris and Peggy for company.
  • When Shula returns, she notices that Phil’s hat is still in the hall. It’s the one thing Jill can’t bear to throw out. Then there’s his new blazer. When Alan comments that he’d seen Bert at Phil’s grave, Jill knows what to do; she’ll give it to Bert.
  • A despondent Tom meets Roy for a drink, while Brenda goes shopping with Fallon. Roy tries to make Tom see Brenda’s point of view, but Tom can only see that she doesn’t seem to want to make wedding plans. When Kate texts him, Roy tells Tom that he’s got nothing to worry about; Roy, on the other hand is caught between Kate and Hayley, both of whom resent the other.

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