Brian and Eddie kiss and make up. William tells Clarrie about him and Nic.

Radio Times: Will sets the record straight.

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  • Clarrie’s telling Eddie to ring Brian after yesterday’s row. He refuses, Brian must ring him. Eddie changes the subject to the rumours about William and Nic being back together. Clarrie’s doubtful, William would have said something.
  • Jennifer’s been lambing while Brian gets a few hours sleep. She tells him he can’t cope and must ring Eddie, but Brian’s not going begging. Jennifer tells him that he may be too proud, but she’s not.
  • Jennifer tells Clarrie and Eddie that Tom explained everything. With hindsight, even Brian understands Eddie couldn’t help it. She wants it all forgotten; a fresh start. No, says Eddie, not until Brian gets on the phone and apologises. Jennifer says that face to face, Brian may say sorry, and suggests a pay rise. Eddie still says no, it’s the principle. Clarrie threatens to do the shift if Eddie doesn’t, prompting him to put his overalls on.
  • William arrives unexpectedly having dropped Nic off; she visited him on his afternoon off. He tells Clarrie him and Nic are back together. She says she’s happy if he is, but later rings Eddie in dismay. She doesn’t want William hurt when they split up again.
  • Eddie arrives at the lambing shed. Brian gets out a “sorry” and Eddie volunteers he could have been out of order not staying. Jennifer’s glad that’s all sorted but Eddie hasn’t forgotten the pay rise now his principles are met. Jennifer says they’ll sort something out while ushering Brian out as he asks her “What pay rise?”.

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