Brian and Tony have a major row over Tom and Tony and Pat are furious.

Radio Times: A proud day for Susan and Neil.

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  • Joe is really worried he is going to let Usha down since Bartleby is still lame. He is pretty miserable but then so is Tony. At least they don’t need planning permission for the flat over the shop so Neil can get on with it. And Brian is back today so it is Tony’s big day.
  • Joe next attempts an IOU swap with Brian but fancy vases aren’t really his thing.
  • Christopher’s presentation turns out to be quite an event. Susan is very proud. The first Carter ever to have letters after his name. And Alice and Christopher seem to be getting on well too.
  • Tony’s meeting with Brian doesn’t go well. Brian can’t understand why he wants Tom to turn his back on a successful business. It was Brian who invested in Tom when Tony turned his back on him. At which point, Tony drags up how Brian almost ruined his family for the sake of Ruairi and Brian says there is nothing else to say. His position is clear. Tony and Pat are absolutely furious.

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