Brian faces a showdown at the shoot and Siobhán has made a decision.

Radio Times: Jennifer enjoys a flirtation.

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  • Elizabeth is worried: she was not able to reach Siobhán by phone all day yesterday. Finally she answers and speaks of her awful day, deep in a trance of misery, expecting every ring of the phone to be Brian. Elizabeth will come over; she shouldn’t be left alone another day.
  • Matt Crawford has not had a good morning at the shoot and, typically, blames Greg: he will be getting no tip today! Jennifer flirts with him in an attempt to improve his mood and promises to have a word with Greg. When Brian appears, Matt declares that his lovely wife could charm the birds off the trees.
  • Brian is mightily annoyed that Jennifer flirted so outrageously. Debbie is outraged that Brian objects to her mother’s conduct; she takes over the final lunch preparations, allowing Jennifer to go and continue her conversation with Matt. Brian is furious and a fierce argument ensues in which Debbie accuses him of not loving any of his family. Alice overhears and bolts in tears.
  • When Debbie finds Alice she does not correct the impression that Simon is the root cause of the argument. Alice reveals that she is worried that Debbie, in fit of depression, will follow Kate’s example. Debbie assures her little sister that she would never do that; nothing is going to happen to her.
  • Siobhán appreciates Elizabeth’s visit; she does not deserve such a friend. She has now taken it in: the affair with Brian is over. She must do what is best for Ruairidh; it’s not his fault. Has she decided? Yes, she has.
  • After the shoot lunch, all is packed away. Debbie brushes off Brian’s gratitude for soothing Alice: she did not do it for him. They will all need to get their act together and a truce between Debbie and Brian would help; Debbie will think about it but it will only be superficial. Matt leaves Brian to pass on his thanks to Jennifer for the lunch, adding that Brian does not know how lucky he is to have such a wonderful woman.

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