Brian revels in the existance of his baby while his daughter wonders if she will ever be a Mum.

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  • So they made it to Biarritz, the illicit lovers, and are obviously revelling in their waking together and memories of the past evening and night … Siobhán has to go to work but they hope to meet up at lunchtime for a siesta – purely for the good of her condition of course! Brian feels the baby’s – their baby’s activity inside her and sounds moved almost to tears.
  • Nigel is occupied with the twins and chicks as Debbie drops Simon at Lower Loxley for his stint as a guide. He inquires about Brian’s trip to Scotland but Debbie says he hasn’t phoned yet. Simon seems impressed by the wonders of nature as portrayed by reproduction.
  • The lovers are together again and enjoying the music of a local Basque band. Siobhán recalls her misery of yesterday at Honeysuckle Cottage. Everything looks different now they’re here together. Then Brian’s mobile rings. Debbie sounds a little put out at his not phoning but updates him on the harvest progress so far. She’s a little confused by the background music. Brian tells another pack of lies and ends the call quickly as the church clock is chiming – but not before he has promised Debbie his best brace of grouse and something for Jennifer from the craft fair at the local Highland Games!! But first, some baby things from the beautiful shop Siobhán has found …
  • Back at Lower Loxley, Kenton is admiring the new arrivals in Pet’s Corner – Nigel’s chicks and … Bartleby! until Joe has built his stable. Always up to something, is Joe! Nigel asks Kenton to run Simon back to Ambridge in return for a drink later. Kenton agrees, and has a proposition to put to him over that drink – something to do with Nigel liking those old sports cars on Sunday …
  • Debbie has fallen asleep to the ten o’ clock news. Simon gently wakes her and she bemoans the amount of harvest work still hanging over her. Her Dad couldn’t even be bothered to phone her, nor did he seem to want to talk when she called him. Is this it? Are they ever going to have a baby? Simon thinks they are just fine and anyway how could they fit a baby in to their, especially her work schedule? People do. But there’d have to be a few changes made. Simon tries to persuade her to postpone this discussion until they are not so tired. He then clams up, and when Debbie presses him, declares his disappointment that he is obviously not enough for her. Debbie takes up his previous point and decides they should now definitely sleep on the matter.

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