Brian’s avoiding the subject of Debbie and Lizzie refuses David’s offering of a share of the (non-existant) proceeds.

Radio Times: David presents a doomsday option.

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  • David’s working hard – after all Brookfield doesn’t run itself – but he’s avoiding going to talk to his sister. Ruth, who’s supportive if not enthusiastic, about his latest proposal almost forces him to leave, taking over his work.
  • Brian’s working hard, too, also avoiding things – talking about Debbie for one. Jennifer eventually pins him down and subjects him to photos. He’s pleased Debbie wore the necklace he gave her and glad it went smoothly, but he’s still having problems accepting it. Changing the subject Jennifer tells him about Brookfield, and he doesn’t envy Phil.
  • Nigel’s got lots of things arranged for a traditional fair for Lower Loxley’s re-opening and they’re pleased that Owen, previously of the Cat and Fiddle will be their chef at the café in the converted Orangery, but the small talk is strained and David and Elizabeth are left alone to talk. He outlines his idea of a share of any proceeds, but it’s like hitting his head against a brick. She points out that if he and Ruth have no plans to ever sell the farm that she’s being offered a percentage of nothing – which isn’t exactly what she’s after. Still no dice.
  • David arrives home and is fuming, although Ruth is strangely calm. He’s almost delighting in Lizzie’s reaction when she hears Phil’s decision, but when the expected righteous indignation from Ruth doesn’t appear, he’s surprised. In its place comes an enigmatic “I’ve other things to think about” and it’s time to go inside for tea …