Caroline solves the Lynda problem. Eddie wishes he could solve the Ed problem. Shula takes advice about her problem.

Radio Times: Lynda goes up in the world.

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  • Caroline’s heavy work schedule means that her meeting with Matt to discuss the shoot has had to be re-scheduled. Even then, they are interrupted by Lynda, who wants to complain about Roy’s staffing rota. Luckily, Caroline has been forewarned, and launches into a speech about maximising the strengths of the team. With Lynda’s eye for detail, she is admirably suited to taking over the rotas. her reward will be a small pay-rise and promotion to Senior receptionist. Lynda is delighted.
  • Alastair comes home offering to make lunch, but Shula has already arranged to meet Caroline. They exchange pleasantries somewhat stiffly, and Alastair says the mortgage money is in the bank, so he can pay Matt off.
  • Shula tells Caroline all about her heart-to-heart with Alastair, though caroline isn’t entirely on Shula’s side; she tells Shula she can be controlling and bossy at times, as Alastair said, and agrees to let Shula know when this happens. But Shula does take a pudding home for Alastair.
  • Desperate to cheer Clarrie up, Eddie and Joe have made sandwiches and put flowers on the table. When Clarrie sees them, she breaks down. Eddie immediately rings Pat,who says Clarrie mustn’t go back to work. they will pay her in full, and she mustn’t worry. Clarrie feels she’s letting everyone down.Eddie tells Clarrie how sorry he is about his behaviour towards Ed. If there was anything he could do to change things, he’d do it.
  • Lynda has lost no time. By lunctime, she has made herself a new badge, with ‘Senior Receptionist’ on it. Caroline assures her they will have a proper one made.
  • Alastair hands Matt the cheque for his Poker losses, and is amazed when Matt asks if he’s playing again next week.

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