Clarrie has great plans for a peaceful afternoon, Shula needs a peaceful evening, and Ed’s Vid’s cause more than one rumpus

Radio Times: Clarrie deserves a treat.

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  • Clarrie is looking forward to her first afternoon off in ages – as soon as she can get rid of Eddie and all the rabbits’ innards in the kitchen. She and Joe have plans involving a pot of tea, feet up, a bag of half-price (bashed) mini chocolate bars courtesy of Betty and one of Ed’s Vids. Eddie leaves eventually, having dripped the salvaged guts all the way to the fridge (for soup? Or what??) and peace might be about to reign why do we know better, Clarrie?
  • Janet tells Shula about her conversation with Tim yesterday and how she has been called to interview for the job in Norfolk. She feels unequal to coping with anything at the moment and considers talking to the Bishop again. To add to Janet’s burden, Shula unwittingly makes her feel guilty and selfish when she tells her she has an imminent class to take, but will phone her tonight.
  • Clarrie is already having a good tear clear-out at the old black and white video – no prizes for guessing what it is – despite Joe’s constant reminiscing about Kardomah coffee houses and pilchards on toast. They pause the film as the door bell rings and it’s Janet, come to ask Clarrie to read a prayer in Church on this coming Mothering Sunday. Janet notices Clarrie’s apparent distress but soon realises the reason as the film (train noises off – still no prizes) – proceeds, accompanied by Joe’s continued commentary about the woman, how she should know better with a perfectly nice husband at home, he’s a doctor, he should set an example, etc. Reaction from Janet unheard but easy to imagine.
  • Alistair comes home to find that Shula’s very busy day has culminated in a headache. She’s had Elizabeth talking about Siobhán having a hard time, and Janet’s problems too. He has had Tim’s update of things and how he feels his actions have ruined Janet’s life in Ambridge. Alistair, with much appreciation from Shula, says he will sort out Daniel and the supper and then they can relax in front of L.A. Confidential – another of Ed’s Vids. What’s that awful noise? They have obviously both forgotten that it’s Dross’s practise night!!
  • Clarrie is still trying to finish off watching her classic – the ‘woman’ is on her way to the flat – will she, won’t she, go through with it? Clarrie will never know as, true to form, Ed’s vid gives up the ghost at the crucial moment. Her fury increases as Alistair arrives with a jammed video machine for Eddie to mend, seeing as it can only be his tape that’s caused it. Finally she seethes to Eddie that everybody is complaining, she wants the whole lot out of the house – NO MORE VIDEOS!

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