David and Ruth blame each other for the Johne’s disease.

Radio Times: George feels left out and Alistair tries to reassure David.

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  • Blood tests completed, David and Ruth now have to wait for the results and then they must test any offspring of the affected cows. There is a vaccine for the disease but Alistair doesn’t recommend it. He suggests a drink in The Bull later.
  • Now comes the row! David put off repairing the cowshed; in fact his eye has been off the ball since January. David protests that he had to help Elizabeth. Ruth did her best to keep things going but she could not do everything. Ed’s arrival restores order. They will discuss it calmly later but clearly they must be so careful from now on.
  • George is feeling pushed out as mum makes room for baby clothes; he is getting under Emma’s feet and on her nerves. Ed doesn’t help by reporting that the new cleaner has left the Brookfield kitchen gleaming, when he collected George’s toys. Emma could have done without having Clarrie for lunch on Sunday – even though it will only be bread and cheese which Ed says he will organise.
  • On The Green, Jamie and Marty are having a crafty drink and a moan. Alistair’s invitation to The Stables and his talk of summer vacation work both fall on deaf ears. Marty thinks Jamie is lucky having only one nagging parent. Jamie complains that nobody gives a damn about him.
  • David already has got a pint in for Alistair. Pip has found a report that up to 50% of herds may have sub-clinical Johne’s disease, so maybe Alistair is right that they good conscientious farmers and not to blame. Uppermost in David’s mind is the inquest next Tuesday; Alistair thinks that in the long run it will help both him and Elizabeth.

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