David takes advantage of Ruth’s absence to buy some cows.

Radio Times: Scott is on the loose.

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  • Jennifer is surprised to find Scott in Ambridge Organics. She would be even more surprised if she knew that he was chatting up Helen. He has a few hours to kill because he and Lilian are not spending much time together after their bust-up.
  • While the cat is away, the mice will play; David is checking his e-mail and has a response from a guy in Shropshire with some in-calf heifers for sale. They are Friesian Holsteins and very reasonable, well cheap really, even Ruth would approve. Phil has to agree it looks a good deal but it is a pity Ruth isn’t here. David is sure she would not appreciate a call on her mobile while she is out with the kids.
  • Jennifer has been making more preparations for the South Africa trip but Brian cannot get excited about it. Brian thinks Matt is betting on his silence and greed. He might have to put off the trip in order to keep pressure on the Board; if the development is not called off he fears they will all be implicated and could even face criminal charges. Jennifer, however, is not going to let Matt Crawford ruin their holiday.
  • As the fair Helen is locking up, Scott returns to try his luck again; she doesn’t think her Aunt Lilian would approve!
  • Ruth comes home pleasantly shattered after her day out. But something is afoot. David has to explain about the heifers; of course nothing is signed yet – but they have made an offer, they had to or they would have lost the chance – and the offer has been accepted. Phil tries to beat a hasty retreat but David insists on his support, though he does not go further than “worth investigating”. Obviously they have made up their minds and they do not need Ruth’s advice.

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