Debbie is off, and Rex has news for Anisha.

Radio Times: There’s a shock for Anisha and an emotional farewell at Home farm

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  • Debbie is returning to Hungary, disappointed not to have helped more. This may be the last time she sets foot in her former home. When she has gone, Jennifer tells Brian to start ringing estate agents.
  • Anisha finally has time for a chat with Rex about the move to Newmarket. She is excited about them having their first home together, but Rex can’t see himself being anywhere else than Ambridge.
  • The harvest is going well, but Adam is worried about some of the pickers thinking of going home. He is having to pay them more to keep them on. Brian is putting off putting the house on the market, but Jennifer tells him to get on with it.
  • Although Anisha is upset, she isn’t surprised that Rex wants to stay. He has so many reasons to stay, unlacing looking after Toby and ensuring that he doesn’t mess up. Anisha understands that she is not “the one”.
  • Brian has finally contacted the estate agents. Yet again, he apologises to Jennifer but she simply wants to get on and not be bitter about anything.

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