Debbie makes her peace with Hayley – but Roy is a tougher proposition.

Radio Times: Brenda builds bridges at Willow Farm.

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  • Jennifer meant well, Roy knows that, but he would have preferred her to keep her presents for Abbie – until they can use them. He was about to go shopping when Brenda arrives and Hayley encourages him to go.
  • Meeting Debbie at the airport, Jennifer indulges in some maternal probing about her boyfriend. Debbie assures her she will meet him – eventually.
  • Brenda is very relieved to hear Hayley’s assurance that she doesn’t blame her for the premature birth: it is one of those things that happen, just bad luck. Nevertheless, it has made Brenda think and realise that Roy and Hayley’ family needs a place of their own. She doesn’t mind about the house now; she thinks her dad should go ahead and divide it. Hayley tells her all about Abbie and she admits to having bought a tiny teddy – but left it in the car, not being sure it would be welcome.
  • In The Bull, Eddie has been talking to Bert for twenty minutes and learned nothing about Freda’s dieting and Bert’s new cooking ventures.
  • Encountering her brother unloading the shopping, Brenda soon discovers that he doesn’t share his wife’s attitude: he clearly does blame her for the premature labour and birth. When he sees that she too has brought a present, he goes ballistic.
  • Jennifer admits that she doesn’t know what Brian will propose tomorrow but she is hoping for something positive; there so much at stake, though she gives no inkling of how much. Debbie feels that if he still plans to split the farm three ways, there is nothing to talk about. But she agrees to listen; more than that she cannot promise.

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