Dinner with the Carterd and Neetia is rather a sticky affair and even Susan is less than impressed.

Radio Times: Chris finds that blood’s thicker than water.

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  • Susan is planning a grand meal for her wedding anniversary but is disappointed Emma decided to go out once she new Venetia would be there. Christopher has to be very firm to warn her not to mention that he has told her about Clive. Susan would be so embarassed. But Neetia thinks it’s great to have such a crazy family.
  • Neil isn’t impressed with all the preparations. What is wrong with wearing your slippers at dinner! Neetia is determined to ingratiate herself with Susan but is surprised to find they don’t have champagne on tap. But she lets it slip that she knows about Clive. Neil is furious when the “stuck up little madam” leaves. He hopes she is never in the house again. Even Susan agrees the evening was “a little sticky”.
  • Tony tells Pat that he had stayed in for the evening with Tom and Brenda! Pat is shocked. No wonder Tom is talking about finding somewhere of their own. Tony thinks it’s madness – the amount he would have to borrow even if they helped out with the deposit. He should think very hard about saddling himself with that sort of debt.
  • Christopher is annoyed with Neetia for trying to stir things and finally turns on her and tells her she can complain about her family all she wants but she isn’t to criticise his.

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