Ed agrees to go back to work. Sid is not impressed that Jolene’s band are going to play at the Bull

Radio Times: Clarrie tries to mend Ed’s broken heart.

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  • Ed has taken the break up with Beth badly and has gone to stay with Jazzer. Beth is leaving tomorrow and Clarrie is in two minds. Of course she is sorry that Ed is upset but at least he isn’t leaving. Ruth meanwhile is finding the webcam a bit of a nuisance. She can’t even get the papers without being watched!
  • The obsession with mobile phones in Ambridge continues. Bert has now taken to picture messaging. Sid is still complaining about Jolene being away for a concert on their busiest night of the week. But Jolene thinks it went well. She’s now planning a country night on Thursday. Sid is less than impressed.
  • Oliver is looking for Ed but he’s gone to stay with Jazzer. He wants him to come back to work. He thinks Bruno will behave himself.
  • Ruth can’t work out Sam’s picture message either but apparently it’s Bert’s vegetable patch! Then Pip starts texting about her homework. She’ll be in trouble if she doesn’t get it done. They should have stopped her being on the computer but they were so pleased that she’d found a friend. They haven’t met her yet but they expect they will do soon.
  • Oliver finally gets hold of Ed – on his mobile of course. Ed is reluctant to come back work while Bruno is there but Oliver says he will keep him under control. He agrees – he’d been wanting to come back but one word from Bruno and he’s out.

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