Ed and Jazzer discuss their petty crime and Jazzer reveals his part in the show house robbery.

Radio Times: Time’s running out for Hayley and Roy.

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  • Ed is planning to get a birthday present for Emma; he is, after all, not short of money just now. Jazzer advises against but admits that the money came from the show house robbery; brother Stu and his mates were the perpetrators, Jazzer was lookout. Ed is furious: they have a nice little scam, stealing tools from unlocked sheds, garden furniture etc. and selling them at car boot sales; that’s where Tony Archer’s generator went. The phone brings an offer of some honest toil …
  • … strawberry picking at Home Farm. Adam has been let down by some of the students, so Ed and Jazzer decide to give it a go. Brian thinks he is scraping the barrel with those two. However he has the grace to apologise for his reaction yesterday; it is true that none of them knew about Debbie going and he should not have expected Adam to be available for the harvest. Anyway, Mike Tucker has agreed to help. Brian has not had much luck enlisting support for a Farm Watch scheme but Adam suggests that maybe the web site can help.
  • Mike and Betty have moved the table and are practising their jiving for Shula and Kenton’s party, which has a fifties scheme, when Roy arrives laden with birthday flowers for his mum. The house-hunting is not going well, despite some lunchtime help from Brenda. Marjorie’s clearance of the house is also not going well; there is so much stuff that Roy doubts it will be clear by next week. Marjorie is also panicking about the sale: she turned down Matt Crawford’s offer but he has not come back with a better one.

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