Ed impresses Tina on the radio, and defends small farms.

Radio Times: Fame doesn’t go to plan for Ed (again!).

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  • Joe reminds Clarrie that her grandad Ned and Mabel used to live at Rickyard. She warns Joe not to tell William about Ed and Emma moving in.
  • Ian’s baking two cakes; a present for Peggy and Jack and a commission from a desperate Ruth for Jill’s birthday. 30 TEAs and a dozen eggs charged. Lilian gets out of him about Matt pulling out of the biodigester and understands Adam cutting her dead.
  • Ed has caught the eye of Tina Brook on Radio Borsetshire and she makes clear to the listeners his physical charms. The innuendo continues with questions about squeezing the old udders and Benny Hill’s milkman and the ladies, where Ed sneaks in a hello to Jazz, and then she suddenly switches to the tuberculosis in the herd. Ed’s caught out for a little but then gives a robust defence of the milk being safe and the scare stories causing harm.
  • Lilian has arranged for Maria, a Filipino nurse with Alzheimer’s experience who has become free after a client is hospitalised, to visit tomorrow for a chat with her, Jennifer, and possibly Tony. Jennifer points out the problem is persuading Peggy to meet her.

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