Ed takes his fears to Emma, who tackles Will; he storms off in disgust.

Radio Times: Ed bites the bullet.

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  • Having got no joy with Will, Ed arranges to see Emma about his fears over George and Nic.
  • Adam is so busy lambing that eating has a low priority. Ian is not having that and brings him a gourmet snack. Adam is pessimistic about the forthcoming meeting with Brian.
  • Ed finds it difficult but comes right out with his observations and his suspicions that Nic is mistreating George, including the latest incident when George was shut in his room. Emma is much more ready to take this seriously because it is in keeping with her own observation that George seems less keen to go to Will’s these days. She will talk to Will.
  • Adam observes that he doesn’t see much of a future at Home Farm and may need to find another job. Ian is supportive; even though he loves his job at Grey Gables he is confident of finding another if he and Adam have to move away.
  • When Will returns George to his mum she raises her concerns. As soon as Will realises that Ed is behind the complaint, he flies off the handle. Will accuses Emma of poisoning George’s mind against Nic but Emma promises him that, though she doesn’t like Nic, she would not use George to get at her. She wants George to go happily to Will but she shares Ed’s concern. Will does not take kindly to the suggestion that George should not be at Casa Nueva without him and storms off. Susan, being no fan of Ed, recommends that Emma puts her trust in Will.
  • Back home, Will says nothing about Ed and Emma’s accusations, just reaffirms his love for Nic.

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