Elizabeth has decided to have the operation and it is scheduled for Thursday.

Radio Times: The Grundys have a day at the races, while David is preoccupied.

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  • Eddie enjoys his birthday treat at the races. He takes advice from Fat Paul on which horses to back and, of course, loses every time. He leaves Clarrie to put his bet on the last race and, of course, she muddles up which one he asked her to bet on. Completely unpredictably, Eddie’s horse falls and Clarrie’s horse romps home at 20:1.
  • David is still cross that Elizabeth won’t instantly agree to the operation she needs. Ruth tries to point out that thinking about things just occasionally might be sensible but he can’t see it. Meanwhile they have more to worry about with Johne’s disease in the herd.
  • David pops into the hospital to have another go at Elizabeth. However she has now agreed to go ahead. She couldn’t put the children and Jill through it again. The operation is scheduled for Thursday and she could be home on Friday.
  • Joe has convinced Lynda that he and Eddie will be deserving recipients of Sunday lunch.

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